Guardian Buddha
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Seishi Bosatsu (Sanskrit : Mahasthamaprapta)
Bodhisattva of wisdom.
Guardian of people born in the Zodiac Year of the Horse.

Seishi Bosatsu vigourously seeks to awaken the Buddha nature/wisdom inherent in all beings and encourage them to grow towards enlightenment.
He possesses supreme power to steer people away from 'dark' paths.
Seishi also brings positive changes in luck, and his assistance is sought by those desiring to a chieve better levels of performance in training.


kannon senju kokuzo monju fugen seishi dainichi fudo amida
Sho Kannon Bosatsu Kokuzo Bosatsu Monju Bosatsu Fugen Bosatsu Senju Kannon Bosatsu Dainichi Nyorai Fudo Myo-o Amida Nyorai