Guardian Buddha
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Fugen Bosatsu (Sanskrit : Samantabhadra)
Lord of practice,meditation, & moral conduct.
Guardian of people born in the Zodiac Year of the Dragon & Snake.

Fugen is known as the "Great Conduct" Bodhisattva, for Fugen teaches that action and conduct (behavior) are equally important as thought and meditation.
Fugen encourages people to diligently practice the Buddhist precepts of charity, moral conduct, patience, and devotion.


kannon senju kokuzo monju fugen seishi dainichi fudo amida
Sho Kannon Bosatsu Kokuzo Bosatsu Monju Bosatsu Seishi Bosatsu Senju Kannon Bosatsu Dainichi Nyorai Fudo Myo-o Amida Nyorai