Guardian Buddha
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Amida Nyorai (Sanskrit : Amitabha)
Buddha of infinite life & light.
Guardian of people born in the Zodiac Year of the Dog & Pig(Boar).

Amida is one of the loftiest savior figures in Japanese Buddhism, and Amida faith is concerned primarily with the life to come in Amida's Pure Land Paradise of Utmost Bliss.
He made 48 vows to save sentient beings and is the main target of worship in the Jodo sect. It is believed that the faith in Amida will be reborn in the Western Pure Land after death.


kannon senju kokuzo monju fugen seishi dainichi fudo amida
Sho Kannon Bosatsu Kokuzo Bosatsu Monju Bosatsu Seishi Bosatsu Fugen Bosatsu Senju Kannon Bosatsu Dainichi Nyorai Fudo Myo-o